How To Properly Clean Office Electronics

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How To Clean Your Office Electronics

Nothing is better for productivity than a clean office and working environment. Walk into any large, efficient, smooth-running office and you are likely to notice that they all have at least one thing in common: they are clean and organized. Cleanliness boosts morale and productivity, and cleaning professionals are well aware of this. Many people forget that office electronics need cleaning as well. Below are some ways to help you properly clean office electronics.

Wires and chords

Wires and cords, especially those that get bunched up behind a desk for long periods of time, can quickly become havens for dust and dust bunnies. Cleaning your cords and wires once in awhile is important but you also need to take some precautions. Simply unplug the cords from the wall (to ensure that there is no chance for electrocution) and apply a damp rag to the chords to get the dust off. dry properly before plugging back in. You want to make sure there is no water on the plug before it goes back into the wall.

Computer screens

Over time, even the most scrupulous person who never eats or drinks at their desk is going to end up with a dirty computer monitor. Luckily, it is quite easy to clean a computer monitor. The cleaning professionals, if you have ever seen them at work after office hours, will take a damp cloth and some distilled water (which doesn't contain particles which could potentially damage a screen) and gently apply it to the screen to get rid of errant food and drink particles, and dust.


Your keyboard, if not properly attended to, can become one big dust factory. If you were to use your keyboard for an entire year without paying attention to the dust collecting on and in it, I think you would be surprised just how much can collect. Luckily, you can pick up a compressed air duster for very little money and it will quickly get rid of any dust in and around your keyboard.


If your photocopier glass is looking a little grimy, the cleaning professionals will recommend that you find a high quality photocopier glass cleaner, which can be picked up at many print and stationery stores. Simply apply the cleaner and wipe it clean with paper towel, as you would with any other glass surface.

Cleaning your office electronics takes a bit more care than the other areas of your office but it is an important part of your overall cleanliness and organizational strategy to ensure everything is working as efficiently as possible. Incorporate the above electronic cleaning tips into your overall office cleaning strategy.

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