The Importance of Cleaning Your Office Kitchen

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cleaning the office kitchen

Working with people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise can be enjoyable and even beneficial. You can foster long-term professional relationships that can grow into bona fide friendships in time. However, if you and/or your colleagues fail to keep a common area, such as a kitchen or break room, clean and tidy then several problems may arise. It is possible for germs to spread and diseases to run rampant, causing a significant loss in productivity. To avoid sickness from spreading it is imperative that you keep your office kitchen clean.

Here, we will break down why it is important to clean your office kitchen as often as you can to reduce illnesses and boost employee morale and camaraderie.

Don't Rush

People working at an office often feel flustered and pressured. With tight deadlines to meet, employees can quickly become overwhelmed with their workload. As such, many try to cut corners to get more work done during the day, and this may include avoiding cleaning the kitchen as often as they should. However, failure to properly sanitize a kitchen will mean more people will get sick because germs will spread easily from person to person in an enclosed space.

Take the time to bring up kitchen cleanliness during the next board meeting, and have everyone chip in to clean the office kitchen from top to bottom. Having a clean and safe place to eat will reduce the risk of diseases and make eating a more pleasurable experience for all employees.

Throw Out Leftovers

Oftentimes people will bring food from home instead of eating out at a fast food restaurant. By doing so, people generally eat healthier, as their meals are home cooked. They also save money by bringing food from home. However, people will often leave food in the office fridge and forget to throw it out. Days turn into weeks, and the food will rot and cause a foul stench that will have employees running for the hills. As such, if you don’t plan on eating the food you brought from home within the work week then either throw it out or bring it back home. Ask your fellow employees to do the same to keep the kitchen smelling fresh

Store Food Properly

Furthermore, make sure that items are properly stored and categorized in the office kitchen to maximize space. Prevent the fridge from being overloaded with food, and do not store dry goods on countertops. That is, store chips and crackers under the sink or in cabinets. Kitchen counters should be clutter free whenever possible, as it is visually more pleasing and much cleaner. You also don't want to offend your fellow employees by piling your personal foodstuffs on the common office countertops.

Clean The Necessary Items

Cups, spoons, forks, and plates should be cleaned thoroughly if they are taken from the office kitchen. Use hot water and dish soap to clean them thoroughly and ensure they are completely dry. You should then put the dishes and cups away to avoid clutter.

Clean the Microwave

It can be argued that the microwave is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. It makes heating food a cinch, and many employees will heat their frozen dinners and hot pockets in the office kitchen microwave because it is quick and convenient. However, food will often splatter when employees are careless. For instance, a bowl of soup can splatter all over the inside of a microwave if it is not secured tightly.

To avoid this issue the office microwave must be cleaned and wiped down thoroughly after you use it. Failure to do so is not only unsanitary but is also very rude to the next person in line to use the microwave. As such, demonstrate your respect for your fellow employees by ensuring that the office microwave is spic and span after each use. Another problem with unclean microwaves is that pungent odours can linger. These odours are not only disgusting but they can attach themselves to other food, making them inedible. They can also attach to clothing and give your clients a bad first impression.

Clean Countertops

Countertops should also be wiped down as often as possible by using antibacterial wipes that have been pre-moistened or with paper towels that are clean. The best time to do so is after a food spill or after having placed some food on the countertop. Also, food that will not be eaten should not be placed on countertops, and fast food containers and cups that are discarded should be thrown out as soon as possible to prevent a mess.

Moreover, the floor should be dry at all times so that someone doesn't fall and seriously injure themselves. As such, if you spill something on the floor then clean up the mess as soon as you can to avoid a safety hazard. Finally, your hands should be cleaned thoroughly using soap and hot water before and after having handled utensils and before and after meals to reduce the spread of harmful germs.

There are several reasons why it is very important to clean your office kitchen. Doing so will boost employee morale and productivity, reduce the spread of germs and diseases, and reduce the risk of accidents. You can also reduce pungent odors from spreading around the office.

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