Organizing your Makeup Kit

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Makeup Kit

Nearly every woman has a makeup kit, but very few of us have the motivation to dig through those years of products to make them clean, organized, and easy to use.

Most times, the task is just too daunting! Sample beauty products, makeup fads, and unwanted lotions and gifts can crowd small bathroom spaces, creating clutter and, ultimately, more stress.

Here are a few steps you can take to organize your makeup kit to get ready for a new season full of new shades!


The first step is to gather all of your beauty products together into one space. Grab everything from inside your purse, under your bathroom sink, inside the medicine cabinet, and out of your bedroom. You won’t be able to successfully organize your things if you can’t see exactly what you have.


The second step is the hardest. You need to part with your beloved make-up products for good this time.

Is your mascara more than three months old? Chuck it. Is your liquid eyeliner dried out? Replace it. Have no mercy! Recycle those cute packaging boxes your favourite products came in. If you can’t use ‘em, so you have to lose ‘em!

Any sample products that aren’t in your regular rotation can also go into the trash. Throw away old lipsticks, fad products, and any colours you know don’t suit you. If you really can’t bear to see your products go to the landfill, make a small pile to bring to the next clothing swap you go to.


Next, you need to divide what you have. Three separate mascaras? Three separate locations! Keep one in the bathroom, one in your purse, and one at work. If you have many doubles or triples, make yourself up a separate stash to keep at the office. You never know when you’ll be invited out after a long day and need a quick refresher.

However you should minimize how many places you keep your items in. There’s a difference between having convenient hiding spots and simply dispersing your clutter. Only put makeup where you think it might be needed!


Finally, it’s time to show those beauty products who’s boss.

Give your brushes one home, your lip glosses another, and your eye goodies one more. Sharpen your pencils so they’re ready for the next time you need them. Use different coloured makeup bags for each product (a helpful colour coding tip: use red for lips, black for brushes, beige for foundations, and brown for eyes).

Magnets are a great way to display your products so you can see what you have. Try gluing magnets to the bottom of each product and setting them up on a magnetic board. You can decorate it any way you like and change the palate according to the season!

After a bit of time invested in these simple steps, you’ll have a completely organized and easy-to-navigate makeup collection!

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