Safety Tips For Outdoor Window Cleaning

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Safety Tips For Outdoor Window Cleaning

Outdoor window cleaning takes time and energy but it is worth it. The sparkling, smudge-free glass you’re left with after your windows are cleaned is enough to make you invest in a good washing, but outdoor window cleaning can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve created the following safety tips to ensure you don’t get hurt in the pursuit of beautifully cleaned windows.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must on construction sites. Although you are not building anything, you are going to be outside. Check the weather and dress accordingly before you start cleaning your outdoor windows.

Use the right soap

Windex and products of the like are designed to shine windows but they don’t really clean them. Use a solution of clean water and a few drops dishwashing liquid before you use a window shine product. For the most part, the soapy solution will do the trick leaving your windows shiny and sparkling. You can forgo the Windex-esque product.

Pressure washer etiquette

If you are renting a pressure washer to clean your outdoor windows, be careful. Pressure washers come with their own set of safety tips you’ll need to adhere to otherwise you could break the glass. You’ll not only be left with a broken window, but you could be seriously injured.

Take a look below

What is below your window? Assess the area underneath your windows before cleaning them. This is important because if you fall you don’t want to land on hard pavement, debris like nails or garbage, or your car. Don’t let grass deceive you. It may look soft but when you fall on it, it can be quite painful.

Hire a professional

If you live in a condo, an apartment or in a multi-storey home, you should hire a professional. If you live in a single storey home, outdoor window cleaning may not be as challenging. You can stand on level ground while cleaning and do a thorough job. However, cleaning windows on multiple storey homes can be extremely dangerous without the proper safety equipment. Furthermore, window cleaning professionals are specifically trained to operate the safety equipment. In addition to this if you have a fear of heights, cleaning a second or third floor window is going to prove to be very challenging for you.

Please contact RBC Cleaning for more information about our services. Do not attempt outdoor window cleaning on your own without following the safety tips.

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