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How Often Should Your Office Have A Deep Clean?

January 22, 2018

Pushing around the vacuum cleaner and wiping down equipment with a duster regularly is good for an office, but every once in a while an office space needs a good, deep cleaning. A thorough deep cleaning will not only rejuvenate the space itself, but will give your employees a jolt of positivity as well. No one likes sitting in a filthy work space. Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning Enlisting the help of a cleaning service will make sure a deep clean is done properly. In addition to everyday cleaning like sweeping, mopping floors and dusting, a deep cleaning includes the extras listed below. Air ducts are given a good vacuuming out, with the filters being cleaned or replaced. Carpets, draperies…

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The Importance Of A Clean Construction Site

January 15, 2018

Construction sites aren’t normally synonymous with cleanliness, in the sense of being dust and dirt free. However, in order to be a safe place to be, a construction site should be well-organized and free of trash and debris. It’s important to keep your employees and visitors safe when on-site. Tools should be located in their proper places, and waste should always be placed in the proper receptacle. Make Safety a Top Priority Machines and tools should be stored properly, as should hazardous materials. Hazards should be minimized and clearly identified on a work site. There should be an area designated for hazards and a place to discard things like stray pieces of lumber which could contain nails. Having a dumpster…

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6 Ways A Clean Workplace Can Impact Company Morale

January 8, 2018

It stands to reason that a clean workplace is one where employees feel good about spending the better part of their working days. No one wants to sit in a dirty office or cubicle. It has been shown, too, that a workplace that is clean increases employee productivity. Here are some reasons why getting your workplace spic and span will make the work days of your employees much more pleasant and much more productive. Better Health Equals Fewer Sick Days A dirty environment is not healthy. Dirty surfaces can breed germs and bacteria, and sick days decrease a company’s productivity. Work spaces should be disinfected daily. Floors should be vacuumed and washed on a regular basis. The janitorial team should…

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