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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

March 5, 2018

Are you looking for a better way to clean your house? Try our Top Five Spring Cleaning Tips: Give your windows a bath: You’re not exactly going to be bathing your windows but you will be giving them a thorough washing. To ensure your windows are spotless, clean them with a soapy water and a rag. Do not let them air dry. Use a different rag. If your windows are covered in drapes or blinds, you should be cleaning those too. For drapes, put in them in the dryer with a wet towel. This will get rid of dust and make your drapes smell terrific. For blinds, you can simply dust them with a rag or duster. For best results,…

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How Often Should Your Office Have A Deep Clean?

January 22, 2018

Pushing around the vacuum cleaner and wiping down equipment with a duster regularly is good for an office, but every once in a while an office space needs a good, deep cleaning. A thorough deep cleaning will not only rejuvenate the space itself, but will give your employees a jolt of positivity as well. No one likes sitting in a filthy work space. Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning Enlisting the help of a cleaning service will make sure a deep clean is done properly. In addition to everyday cleaning like sweeping, mopping floors and dusting, a deep cleaning includes the extras listed below. Air ducts are given a good vacuuming out, with the filters being cleaned or replaced. Carpets, draperies…

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The Importance Of A Clean Construction Site

January 15, 2018

Construction sites aren’t normally synonymous with cleanliness, in the sense of being dust and dirt free. However, in order to be a safe place to be, a construction site should be well-organized and free of trash and debris. It’s important to keep your employees and visitors safe when on-site. Tools should be located in their proper places, and waste should always be placed in the proper receptacle. Make Safety a Top Priority Machines and tools should be stored properly, as should hazardous materials. Hazards should be minimized and clearly identified on a work site. There should be an area designated for hazards and a place to discard things like stray pieces of lumber which could contain nails. Having a dumpster…

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