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What Is A High Level Cleaning Risk Assessment?

November 20, 2017

A risk assessment is used to pinpoint hazards and areas that may be harmful or dangerous. It is also used to find ways to get rid of any hazards or to minimize or control them when they can’t be eliminated altogether. Essentially, a high level cleaning risk assessment looks at a cleaning site to determine what things could possibly cause harm. Once things are identified, measures can be put into place to control situations and prevent any injuries. It’s imperative that cleaning staff are made aware of identified risks, and the measures in place to keep them as safe as possible. Risk Assessments Are Important for Several Reasons To make employees aware of possible hazards and risks; To identify individuals…

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How To Strip Wax From Tile Floors

November 13, 2017

Most flooring these days doesn’t need waxing. Older floors, however, may have needed waxing, and over time wax can build up on tile floors, making them look yellow, dull, and older than they probably are. You can breathe new life into older tiling by stripping off the old wax. Floor stripping and waxing is a fairly easy process. Here are some things you’ll need for stripping wax: Two pails of water, with two gallons in each pail; One cup of ammonia (not bleach); One cup of white vinegar; One mop; Rubber or latex-free gloves. Get the Floor Ready Sweep or vacuum the floor to clean up all the dirt and dust. Not doing so might lead to scratching the tile…

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6 Tips For Cleaning Area Rugs

November 6, 2017

Area rugs can really make a room pop, but depending upon where they are in a room, they might have a tendency to get dirty. They can be magnets for dust and oil from all those bare feet walking on them. To keep your rugs in tip-top shape, and to keep them from wearing out too soon, these tips might come in handy. Use the Vacuum Area rugs should be vacuumed regularly to keep them free from dust and debris. Reversible rugs need to be vacuumed on both sides. If you have cats or dogs, vacuuming might not get all the pet fur and dander out, but using a brush and brushing against the grain might do the trick. Shake…

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