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Throwing A Halloween Party? Here’s How To Prepare

October 26, 2017

Don’t be a host who waits until the last minute to plan a party. If you are hosting a wicked Halloween party this year, taking some time to plan it will have your guests howling over the great time they’re having. Here are some things you can do to make this year’s Halloween party particularly spooktacular. It’s All About Location Having the party in your own home is likely the best place, and the one that will cause you the least amount of stress. Having the party at home will allow you to control variables like the date, start and end times, whether you’ll have a theme, how many people to invite, decorations, and so on. You will also be…

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Prepare For Winter With These Cleaning Tips

October 17, 2017

Winter is fast approaching, and there are some fall chores homeowners should consider doing before the first snow falls. Fall is the perfect time to give your home a deep cleaning, so that you’re all nice and cozy during the cold months. Here are some tips you might consider using to prepare both the inside and outside of your home for the impending cold winter months. Outdoors Clean and put away any outdoor furniture and kids’ toys. Remove flaking paint on things like trim, door frames, and deck areas, and repaint or restain before the cold sets in. Check caulking around window and door frames, and replace if needed. Have a good look at doors and windows to make sure…

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6 Areas Most Commonly Overlooked When Cleaning

October 11, 2017

For most people, cleaning isn’t on the top of the list of enjoyable pastimes, so when we clean, there may be spots in our homes that we overlook, or don’t really clean on a regular basis. Some of these areas, however, are prime targets for grime and filth, and actually should be cleaned often. Here is a list of some of the places you might want to be more mindful of on cleaning days. The Washer If you open the lid of the washing machine and could pass out from the smell, you’ve got a problem. Your clothes are probably not being cleaned as well as they should be, and that smell could be transferred to your clothing. Most washers…

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