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Tips To Clean Your Carpet Without Using A Vacuum

July 3, 2017

Vacuuming is one of those things that we don’t look forward to doing, but we feel fantastic once it’s done. There are few things more satisfying when it comes to cleaning your home than freshly vacuumed or cleaned carpets. Many people don’t realize, however, that there are ways to clean your carpet without having to use a vacuum. Whether the vacuum is not working, you don’t have one, or you simply would like to try a different method, a vacuum is not always a necessity if you want clean carpets. Below are some tips to help you clean your carpet without using a vacuum. Sponge Clean Aside from being a great way to pick up hair, leaves, dust and bits…

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How Professional Cleaning Will Help You Sell Your House

June 26, 2017

When it comes to selling your home, every little thing that you can do to help you get your asking price, or hopefully above your asking price, matters. This is why people hire home stagers, this is why people give their kitchen cabinetry a new paint job before showing their homes, and this is why people call in the cleaning professionals to get their homes cleaned before showing them on the market. A professional cleaning will help you sell your house; below are some of the ways it will help you do that. Make a Good Impression on Inspectors A house inspection is one of the most important parts of the selling your home. The professional opinion of a credible…

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4 Benefits Of Having Your Office Carpets Professionally Cleaned

June 19, 2017

Business spring cleaning is a critical part of ensuring your staff and coworkers remain motivated, productive, and most important of all, happy throughout the months to follow. One of the most noticeable blemishes on any office setting is an unclean carpet. Luckily, it is also one of the easiest office upkeep faux pas to remedy and should be at the top of any sensible business owner’s business spring cleaning checklist. While a DIY approach may seem like the best way to tackle a grimy office carpet during business spring cleaning, a professional touch is something that staff and clients alike will surely notice and appreciate. The benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner are many, and go well beyond the…

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