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4 Signs Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

May 15, 2017

Your carpets are asked to stand up to a lot. Pets, kids, shoes, the four seasons, it’s no wonder that they often look like they need a professional clean. Many carpet cleaning jobs are small and you can do them by yourself, with off-the-shelf products you find at your local home store. But many carpet cleaning jobs require more TLC and a professional touch. Below are some signs that you might require carpet and upholstery cleaning. Bad Smells If you bend down to smell your carpet, or even worse, if you don’t have to bend down at all to smell it, and you notice a strong odour, you probably should call in a professional. Months worth of wet dog, juice,…

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The Best Cleaning Products For Hardwood Floors

May 8, 2017

Your hardwood flooring is probably one of your favourite things about your home. The variety of hardwood out there, and the rich depth and tone that it adds to any room in the house, make it one of the most popular flooring materials on the market. It does, however, come with some unique cleaning and care requirements that will require a little extra effort on your part. If you are wondering about the best ways to keep your hardwood clean and attractive, below are the best cleaning products to use on hardwood floors. Bona Hardwood Floor Care System This is the top of the line hardwood floor care system that all other hardwood floor care systems must measure up to.…

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Small Businesses

May 1, 2017

Spring is here and it is time to start your spring cleaning regimen. Spring cleaning is not very pleasant, but it is necessary, especially if you are a small business. A clean and organized work space does wonders for employee’s productivity and mental health, and will help make sure your second quarter of the year gets off to the best possible start. If you are a small business owner and are looking to start your office cleaning for the spring, below are four spring cleaning tips for small businesses. Go Green Going green can’t be recommended enough. Not only do green cleaning products help to reduce your environmental footprint and the amount of harmful chemicals that you are disposing of,…

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