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7 Spaces You Probably Forgot To Clean

August 11, 2017

Most of us believe we do a pretty good job of cleaning. Truth is, there are some spots that we just don’t think about during our regular cleaning routines. Here is a list of a few of those missed spots to keep in mind during your next foray into the cleaning world. Bed The is first up, for sure. Most of us don’t think to clean our beds. Sure, we change the sheets and maybe wash the comforter every once in awhile, but what about washing the pillows? They should be laundered every six months at least. If your machine can’t accommodate them, laundromats usually have oversized machines that could do the trick. Curtains or Other Window Coverings Drapes get…

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4 Cleaning Product Storage Tips For Restaurants

August 7, 2017

Many commercial cleaners used for high-level cleaning, especially in places like restaurants, have special storage requirements because of how heavy duty they are. In your home, the normal over-the-counter stuff you buy to handle your family’s dirt and grime can be kept under the sink, or stored with minimal consideration for how potentially hazardous the chemicals are. If you are wondering how you should be storing cleaning products in a restaurant, below are 4 tips to help you out. Never store chemicals near food It is never a good idea to store cleaning products anywhere near food, or food preparation areas. If something inadvertently leaks out onto a preparation area, or worse yet, into raw ingredients, you may end up…

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4 Types Of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

July 24, 2017

Industrial cleaning is a lot different than a simple cleaning of your home or business. Industrial cleaners are called in when there needs to be absolutely no remaining germs or dirt whatsoever. They are typically employed by commercial enterprises to ensure that their offices, bathrooms, lobbies, etc., are able to be safely used by the public, but some homeowners employ industrial cleaning services as well. Below are some of the main industrial cleaning chemicals used by industrial cleaners. Strong Alkali Cleaning Agents These are incredibly harsh chemicals and they are capable of corroding organic material (including the skin) simply by coming into contact with it. They are most often used to dissolve grease and protein deposits, as well as destroy…

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