Office holiday party cleaning checklist: Everything you need to know

Office Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

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The holiday season is just around the corner. No matter which holiday you’re celebrating, the clean-up process can be more... Read More

Tinted office windows: The benefits, how to maintain them, and when to call a professional

Tinted Office Windows: The Benefits, How to Maintain Them, and When to Call a Professional

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Tinted windows are very popular and appear everywhere, from tall office buildings to corner shops and cars. Typically, the main... Read More

4 mental health benefits of a clean workspace

4 Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Workspace

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A person’s mental health has always been a priority outside of the workplace. In the last decade, however, more people have... Read More

How regular window cleaning enhances workplace productivity

How Regular Window Cleaning Enhances Workplace Productivity

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Windows play an important role in a building’s structure, and its maintenance plays an even bigger role in staff health,... Read More

7 cleaning tips to help prepare your office for the fall

7 Cleaning Tips to Help Prepare Your Office for the Fall

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Cooler nights are becoming more frequent, the leaves are preparing to begin their fall transition, and everything is pointing to... Read More