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Office Organization Hacks You Should Use

March 15, 2017

Spring is fast approaching and that means one thing: spring cleaning. Some people dread this, others relish it, but one thing is for certain, anyone who successfully tackles their spring cleaning is guaranteed to feel much better about their space. If you are feeling a little disorganized in the office and are looking for some advice this spring, below are some spring cleaning tips that will help you organize your office. Find a Better Place to Put Your Phone This is a multi-pronged spring cleaning attack because not only will it eliminate clutter, but it will also make you and your employees less distracted while at work. Many offices are implementing a no phone while on the job policy so…

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4 Tips For Deodorizing Carpets

March 6, 2017

Your carpets can really take a beating, especially if you have kids and pets around, with stains from food, drinks, paint, pet accidents and oh so much more. What arrives brand new, can quickly look like it has been through a war if stains are not attended to quickly and effectively. Worse yet, carpets not only start to look ugly, they start to smell horrible as well. Below are four carpet and upholstery cleaning tips for deodorizing things fast. Baking Soda Baking soda is a widely recognized odour cure-all. There is a reason that people keep it in their refrigerators and bathrooms: it’s great at killing bad smells. To make an effective baking soda carpet deodorizer, combine baking soda, borax…

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Company Allergic To Pets? 4 Ways You Can Efficiently Clean Before They Come

February 27, 2017

We love our pets, but for people with pet hair and dander allergies, four-legged friends can mean a lot of discomfort. It’s often one of the major bones of contention in households where one person is allergic and everyone else is not. It’s especially worrisome if you have guests coming over who have allergies to pets, even more so if they are from out of town and are staying with you. If this is the case, below are four ways that you can efficiently clean before they come over, helping to make their stay as comfortable and allergy-free as possible. Moisturize and Maintain The maintenance part means tackling walls, corners, draperies and windowsills. The moisturizing component means running a humidifier.…

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