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How To Clean Windows Without Streaking

February 20, 2017

Clean windows do a lot to brighten your home and generally make it look well kept. Clean windows, viewed from the street, add considerable street appeal and can even make or break your chances of selling your home. One of the major problems with cleaning windows is that, if done incorrectly, they can actually appear less clean than before you started due to streaking. If you are wondering what the trick is to streak-free, crystal clear windows, below are some tips to help you achieve them. The Right Solution One of main reasons that you are left with streak-free windows might be the cleaning solution that you are using. There are actually homemade solutions out there that are capable of…

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Roof Cleaning Methods For Unsightly Stains

February 13, 2017

There are a wide variety of things that can end up leaving nasty stains on your roof. Two of the main culprits are algae and lichens. They feed off of organic matter that is trapped in the shingles and end up eating the roof. Left to their own devices, they can be capable of causing considerable damage. If you are worried that this may be happening to your roof, below are some roof cleaning methods you can use to get rid of those unsightly stains. The Eco-friendly Approach This method does not use any bleach and uses low pressure to get rid of algae and lichens. Companies that use this method will employ eco-friendly products that don’t contain any toxic…

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How To Clean The Toughest Areas In Your Home

February 6, 2017

There are a bunch of hard to reach, tough to clean areas of the house that we all dread having to clean. Even with our best intentions, it can be nearly impossible to really do a thorough job in some of these places, and we can end up spending a lot of time for very little in the way of results. If you are at your wits end over what to do about these difficult spots, below are some tips that will help you keep these tough areas clean. Chandelier Spray Cleaning a chandelier can be quite the hassle because of all the parts that require individual cleaning. The old-fashioned way of taking the chandelier down and taking it apart…

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