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How To Deep Clean Your House

June 6, 2016

Compared to regular day-to-day cleaning, deep cleaning takes a lot more time as you need to take care of all those out-of-sight, often-neglected areas in order to reduce the clutter, reduce allergens, and make your home safe. Deep cleaning usually occurs once or twice a year, so there are many areas that need to be cleaned. A top-to-bottom cleaning style is preferred to the room-to-room approach so that all the dirt and dust that is stirred up along the way can be removed in a single final sweep. You typically start with pre-cleaning and doing the top and mid-to-top zones, and then finish off with the mid-to-bottom and floor zones. Here is how to properly deep clean your house: Stage…

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How To Master Green Cleaning

May 23, 2016

If you switched from using all those petroleum-based household cleaning brands to ones marketed as “green” in order to clean your house in a more eco-friendly and healthy way, congratulations – you are heading in the right direction. However, your green cleaning can attain an even deeper shade of green. All you have to do is to turn to four basic ingredients found in your pantry: vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and baking soda. Various combinations of these ingredients will yield cleaning solutions that are not only truly organic but also quite a bargain. Green clean your glass and windows You don’t have to use ammonia-based window cleaners. Try 4 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a half a gallon of…

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5 Easy Tips For Cleaner Carpets

May 16, 2016

We all love the bright sunshine of spring, but what we probably don’t love is how it unintentionally yet distinctly highlights all those little smears, scratches, and stains around the house that were not so discernible under the cloudy skies of winter. The stains on the broadloom or carpets in a house are especially noticeable, so it’s no surprise that most of us have visions of new broadloom or carpets gracing our floors at the onset of spring. But that can get expensive. It may be a better idea to be pro-active and preventative when it comes to the maintenance of your existing carpets. And although that may sound quite challenging, it’s not! There are some very simple things homeowners…

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