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5 Signs Of Mildew In Your Office

November 25, 2016

Moisture is insidious and most homes and offices have moisture damage, or problems somewhere. It is hard to keep any and all moisture out of any indoor space, but when it becomes a problem, it becomes necessary to do something about it. If you are unsure about whether or not you have a mildew problem in your office, below are five signs of mildew to keep your eye, and your nose out for. Strange Smells. Mildew has a very distinct smell that most of us are familiar with. Wet, decaying, organic matter smells bad. If you can smell dampness and dankness in your work area, it may be because there is mildew growing, whether in the floors, or in the…

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How Dirty Fans And Air Conditioners Affect The Air In Your Home Or Office

November 18, 2016

Depending on where you live in the country, a fan, or an air conditioner may seem like an absolute necessity during the hot summer months. Coming into a home that is the exact same temperature as the outside air is never pleasant, but many people are unaware that their fans and air conditioners may be hurting their air quality. Below are some of the ways that dirty fans and air conditioners affect the air quality in your home or office. Increased Dust. The main problem with dirty fans and air conditioners is the increased dust they just end up circulating. In exchange for a bit of a breeze, or cooled down air, a dirty fan or air conditioner can simply…

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5 Common Carpet Stains And How To Clean Them

November 11, 2016

It is inevitable that your carpets are going to get spilled on. No one is perfect. Add kids and pets to the mix, and the chances that your carpets are going to take a beating go way up. Over time, if not treated properly, a buildup of stains can make a carpet look ugly and worn out, even if it’s relatively new. Below are five common carpet stains and how you can go about cleaning them should you encounter them. Kool-Aid. To get rid of those vibrant Kool-Aid stains, try a mixture of vinegar, dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Use 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap and fill the rest with water. Spray the…

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