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Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

May 9, 2016

Your weekly bathroom cleaning may involve a scrubbing of the bathtub and the sink, a wiping of the counter, a swish or two of the brush in the toilet bowl, a quick mop of the floor, and a polish of the mirror. Our regular bathroom cleaning may be fine for day-to-day, but once in awhile a thorough, detailed cleaning is required. After all, the bathroom is a place where moisture and dirt intermingle and all kinds of germs happily lurk about, and that, in extreme cases, may present a health hazard. Dedicate an afternoon every two months or so for this task. Roll up your sleeves, and make your bathroom not only sparkling clean from corner to corner, but more…

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5 Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy And Organized

May 2, 2016

It’s not just that your home looks nice and presentable when it’s clean and tidy. According to an article by psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter in Psychology Today, clutter and mess make us feel stressed out. A messy environment is visually jumbled and disorienting, makes us feel guilty and uneasy, not to mention very frustrated and upset when we can’t find things we urgently need. Instead of constantly spending time searching for things all around the house and getting stressed out, take just a little time now to put in place a new system in your house that will keep it tidy and organized on a daily basis. It’s difficult to get into the tidying habit, but if you’re unsure where…

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Benefits Of Hiring A Bonded, Licensed And Insured Cleaning Company

April 25, 2016

Whenever you hire a company to come into your home to do anything, you always run the risk that damage will be done. That’s not to say that most companies are conscientious and take care to not only to their best work, but ensure that their clients and their property are well looked after. That being said, when you hire a cleaning company, it is always important to make sure that they are bonded, licensed and insured. Below are the benefits of hiring a company that has all of these protections in place. Bonded. A cleaning company that is bonded means that they are in partnership with a bonding company that has put money up in the event that the…

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