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How To Avoid 8 Common Cleaning Mistakes

September 12, 2016

Whether you love to clean or do it out of necessity, you’re probably guilty of making mistakes. There are eight common cleaning blunders that we all make, probably without even realizing it. Before you pick up that scrub brush and go to town on your countertops, make sure you’re not making the following gaffes: Cleaning windows when it’s sunny It’s sunny outside, which reminds us we should clean our windows. Here’s the problem: you’ll get streaks. The heat from the sun will interact with the cleaning solution you’re using on your windows and dry too quickly, making for some very streaky glass. Instead of waiting for the sun to come out, clean your windows on a cloudy day. Placing utensils…

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Why Should I Hire Professional Cleaning Services?

September 5, 2016

Everybody wants a clean home and office. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the necessary time to do a full scrubbing. Hiring a professional cleaning service gives you the freedom to get on with your day while someone else does all the dirty work. If you’re not sure about hiring a professional cleaning service to tidy up your office or house, we have four reasons you should: We’ll get into every nook and cranny Professional cleaners are just that: professionals. We will give a full scrub down of every single nook and cranny of your home or office, so that each surface is clean enough to eat off of. There are areas that you probably don’t want to touch anyway, like…

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Natural Tips To Tame Bad Smells

August 29, 2016

No home is immune to bad smells. From expired food to mold to garbage, our homes are rife with unwanted odours. Instead of plugging your nose and trying to live with it, try these natural tips to tame bad smells. Open the windows This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people overlook this. Open all the windows in your home to air it out. After about an hour, the bad smells should be gone. In the winter, if you’ve had the heat on for months, opening the windows for a bit can really make a difference and turn stale air into crisp fresh air. The lemon cure-all Lemons are nature’s air freshener. Cut a lemon in half and set…

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