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How to Clean Your Keyboard

September 4, 2015

With all the time we spend on our computers, it’s no wonder our keyboards get dirty! Dirty keyboards can lead to malfunctions like sticky or broken keys, and can also harbor germs. Preventative measures are always best, like avoiding eating and drinking while using the computer, but with enough time any keyboard will become dirty. Here are some tips to get a squeaky clean keyboard!! The Basics: Before cleaning, make sure your keyboard is disconnected from your computer. If you’re working with a laptop, make sure it’s powered off. Turn your keyboard upside down and (gently!) shake any debris out. Use a can of compressed air to blow dust and other matter out of the keyboard. Get in between the…

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Get Your Carpet Deep-Cleaned With These Simple Steps

August 26, 2015

Carpets seem to be a magnet for hair, dirt, and permanent stains, especially when you have light coloured carpets. There are many products and services available, but they may not always do the trick if you have difficult to treat stains, deeply embedded in the fibers of your light-toned flooring. Cleaning the carpets yourself may seem daunting, especially with advice that might seem tricky to follow (for example, telling you to rub a solution into the stained area of the carpet without grinding the stain in further). We’ve boiled a lot of the information out there down to these simple steps to make cleaning headache free! Clean before you start The point of deep cleaning is to get the deep…

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Cleaning Products That Are Total Must-Haves For Your Home

August 4, 2015

Nowadays, cleaning isn’t just about sweeping or getting down on your knees to scrub the floor. In fact, a majority of the available cleaning products on today’s market will do the job easier and better than simply using elbow grease, a rag, and some detergent. Let’s take a look at the many great options you have for everyday use in homes: The non-traditional ‘vacuum’ Automated sweeping and vacuuming is quickly becoming popular with brands like Roomba taking the stage. These clever machines can navigate stairs and corners unsupervised, so all you have to do is program your preference and let your new toy sweep away. Now, instead of vacuuming when things get too dirty, you can have clean floors every…

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