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6 of the Best Cleaning Hacks

December 9, 2014

While hiring professional help is always the preferred method, every once in a while cleaning can be used as a soothing therapy that you’d prefer to do yourself. If you’re looking to get down to the nitty gritty on your own but don’t generally do your own cleaning, it’s likely that you’re going to have to buy yourself a few products to get your house spick and span. With the help of some inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning hacks, you can feel good about these convenient and clever cleaning tricks! Those Mysterious Stains on your Pots and Pans Washing them with soap and water gets them clean enough for use, but you’ll never be able to dangle them from wall…

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What’s the Cleanest City in Canada?

November 27, 2014

If somebody asked you what the cleanest city in Canada is, what would you guess? We’re willing to bet the answer will shock most people! It’s natural to think of cities on the coast where the ocean breeze is fresh and the sky is clear, but the real answer is actually a largely populous: Calgary! This is surprising when you consider that the city is in the centre of the oil and gas industry, and is dense with factories. Additionally having Alberta being atop Canada’s ranking for disposable solid waste per capita (at more than 2000 pounds per person) makes this clean city even more ironic. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that Calgary is the cleanest city in Canada.…

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Tidy

November 13, 2014

A clean desk is the first step to a productive work environment. Even for those who have gotten used to working in chaos, having an organized and easily accessible professional work space will likely increase efficiency. That said, it’s easy to procrastinate and make up excuses about why your working space is so cluttered. “I just don’t have time,” “I work better this way,” “As soon as I clean up a new mess appears anyway!” Regardless of your excuse, it’s still just that: an excuse. Follow these five tips to keep your office organized without too much effort: Keep a physical inbox With almost all office communication occurring online, a lot of people have abandoned their physical inbox. That’s a…

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