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How to Handle Emergency Cleaning Situations

May 11, 2015

Having a busy schedule often means that chores go undone for days at a time, which usually leads to two outcomes: being unprepared for guests, and feeling uncomfortable in your own home. Not every home needs to be spotless all the time, and sometimes a quick fix will do the trick. We’ve outlined the steps below so you can get tidy and prepare for guests in a pinch. For a genuine emergency where you’ve spilled a hazardous material, for example, don’t try to clean on your own as you may end up damaging your home, injuring yourself, or exposing yourself to an unhealthy environment. Professionals will have the equipment, experience, and manpower to do the job safely and efficiently! Start…

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Organizing your Makeup Kit

April 23, 2015

Nearly every woman has a makeup kit, but very few of us have the motivation to dig through those years of products to make them clean, organized, and easy to use. Most times, the task is just too daunting! Sample beauty products, makeup fads, and unwanted lotions and gifts can crowd small bathroom spaces, creating clutter and, ultimately, more stress. Here are a few steps you can take to organize your makeup kit to get ready for a new season full of new shades! Combine The first step is to gather all of your beauty products together into one space. Grab everything from inside your purse, under your bathroom sink, inside the medicine cabinet, and out of your bedroom. You…

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Tools to make Cleaning Easier

April 12, 2015

Nothing signifies the end of winter quite like looking around and realizing how much it needs a good spring cleaning! After months of trekking in slush and salt from outside, it’s time to give your apartment a bit of a makeover. Here are a few easy tricks to clear the air and have you breathing easier in one easy afternoon! Vacuum Hidden Spaces Use the little handle on your vacuum to get to often-ignored spaces like your ceiling fan blades or the bottom of your couches. These spaces are usually overlooked and can be the home for thick collections of dirt and dust, leading to many allergen stimulants in the home. Clean out your dryer vent to reduce drying time,…

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