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How Dirty are your Carpets?

March 23, 2015

Carpet is a longtime favourite when it comes to flooring options, and for good reason. It’s comfortable, warming, and simply put, it feels really good to walk on! That said, with all of the foot traffic that carpet endures, it’s also one of the biggest germ collectors in any room. In fact, a study from Men’s Health claims that many carpets can actually carry 200,000 bacteria per square inch, which makes it 4,000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! Talk about gross. So why is my carpet so dirty?! The biggest culprit is dead skin cells. People shed millions of skin cells a day, which collects in your carpet’s fibers, feeding germs. Add in spilled food and drinks, dander,…

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Homemaking Tips for Busy Families

March 6, 2015

Does it ever feel like no matter how long you spend cleaning and organizing your home, there’s never any end in sight? You try to make time to mop the floors and clear the counters, but you look away once and there’s already a brand new pile of dust and junk to deal with? You’re not alone. In today’s busy age, it can seem impossible to find the time to keep a house organized and clean. In an ideal world, we’d all have enough money to hire a housekeeper for our daily duties, but unfortunately this isn’t possible for most. Instead, we’re left to do the day-to-day tidying ourselves, while inviting a professional to do the larger jobs once every…

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Easy Cleaning Tips For Your Home’s Interior

February 26, 2015

Being put on house-cleaning duty isn’t always fun or exciting, but it still needs to be done. Unless you want your home to look like a pigsty, get ready to bust out the broomsticks and vacuums! What most people are busy dreading their cleanup, they don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time consuming. Believe it or not, there’s an art to cleaning that professional contractors follow which can dramatically reduce labor times without missing any key areas. When cleaning your own home, we encourage you to adopt the “clean smart, not hard” mindset. Your time is valuable! Instead of wasting it, change up your cleaning routine to be more officient. Trust us; it definitely pays…

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