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Medical Office Cleaning: 3 Details to Consider

July 16, 2018

Floor care and cleaning services in medical office

Cleaning is the most indispensable of all maintenance services, especially given that medical facilities are breeding grounds for germs and diseases and are exposed to high levels of contamination. From preventing contamination, to helping your medical organization maintain its reputation in the market, there are a number of reasons why a commercial and professional cleaning protocol must be applied.   As there are numerous safety and compliance issues that must be taken care of in a medical facility, as well as the far-reaching consequences resulting from sloppy medical cleaning, it is vital that your cleaning company is qualified and experienced…

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

July 9, 2018

Commercial cleaning crew working as team in office

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your office should be a top priority if you want success in business. Not only are business associates and customers impressed, it also provides a germ-free, wholesome environment for your staff to be at their most productive. The best part is that you can get all of this done with a commercial cleaning company, rather than doing it yourself or hiring a janitor on a payroll. Choosing the right company can be a tricky task as they need to be reliable, trustworthy and experts at their job. Here are a few factors you can keep…

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Here’s How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your Office

June 25, 2018

Having a clean workspace for employees is important to increase productivity, and keep them happy in the workplace. However, it can be difficult to know exactly how often you should perform certain tasks to maintain a clean office. With all the traffic that goes through it, things can get messy pretty easily. But how often should you clean your office space? Fortunately, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide outlining what should be cleaned, and when, to help you figure out what office cleaning routine works best for you. Floors Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, and hardwood or tile can be swept and mopped once a week. If your staff kitchen is a high-traffic area, you might…

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