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Can You Clean Your Carpet Without Chemicals?

October 11, 2013

Carpeted floors are great, right? After all, they’re soft, warm, and cozy…I mean what else could you ask for? Unfortunately, they are also an ideal reservoir for everything from mold and mildew to dust mites, and all kinds of nasty little chemicals and micro-organisms! So, what’s a home-owner to do? Well, you could douse the carpet in your favourite all-purpose cleaner, but some products contain even more scary chemicals and substances than the ones you’re trying to remove, which kind of defeats the purpose. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of ways to clean your carpets safely and effectively without the use of any harsh and potentially unsafe chemicals, and we’re here to share a few of them with you.…

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Complete Janitorial and Cleaning Services

October 8, 2013

Royal Building Cleaning Ltd. was founded in 1956. It has grown successfully over the past 50 years. RBC is a complete janitorial company offering service to commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational facilities throughout Ontario. The company offers additional services such as floor refinishing, carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, window cleaning, high level dusting and vacuuming, light and vent cleaning, and construction clean-ups. RBC is a Canadian owned corporation operating under the laws of Ontario. RBC Mission Statement Our company mission is to be the single solution for all cleaning needs. We resolve imperfections with leading edge tactics and maintain the highest level of quality service, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We recognize our workforce as the backbone to our company and…

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Spring Cleaning for your Business

March 20, 2013

Let us professionally handle all of your cleaning needs. From Janitorial Services & Office Cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor refinishing, to product supply, we can help you maintain your building. One of our representative would be pleased to tour your facility and provide a free consultation and a no obligation quotation. Let us show you the Royal difference and open up your office doors in the morning with Nothing left but the Clean®. Contact us today for a free consultation and no obligation quotation! Call 1-888-463-5555 or click here to request a quote!

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