How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

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How often should you get your windows cleaned?

Many companies suggest cleaning commercial windows twice a year but the frequency of cleaning actually depends on the type of building and the nature of your business.

Some buildings may require monthly, weekly, or even daily cleaning. It's important to prioritize window cleaning as they are one of the most noticeable features of your business and can affect your curbside appeal, staff well-being and overall morale.

Every business is unique and situated in different types of buildings, therefore, it's important to determine how these factors should impact your window cleaning schedule.

For window cleaning in Toronto, it’s also essential to consider the weather. Working alongside a professional cleaning team will help maintain the windows looking into your business.

Whether The Weather

Every province sees different weather patterns. Some experience harsher summers, while others face colder winters and heavier rains. These weather systems impact your windows, so it's essential to consider them when determining the frequency of window cleaning.

For areas like Toronto, with harsh winters, extreme cold can cause your windows to deal with frost and ice buildup. Windows at ground level will suffer from salt sprays once the sidewalks are cleared. Weekly cleaning helps prevent salt and grime buildup, which can weaken or damage the glass.

Heavy rains are a part of severe storms. The wind whips around debris, branches, dirt, and more. Cleaning the following day will remove this buildup and allow you to check for damage.

Regular cleaning will ensure that the lifespan of the windows is optimized, as the cleaner can see any signs of damage before it worsens and causes more issues.

An Architectural Statement

Window cleaning requirements vary depending on the type of building. For instance, newer buildings with more windows may require regular cleaning on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to maintain their appearance.

Conversely, older buildings may attract more dirt and dust due to the materials or the environment, such as pollution, and therefore may need to be cleaned every week to prevent buildup and maintain their appearance.

It is important to note that some buildings have specific cleaning standards that must be met, while others may need additional cleaning due to their age.

Window Dressing Is An Art Form

Retail stores are typically on the ground floor, in high foot traffic areas, where people walking past will see what you offer and come in.

Careful planning and lighting are crucial to properly showcase any product in a store window, regardless of what you sell. Dirty windows hide the products and reduce the chances of people coming in to shop.

If there are planters in front of the windows, there is a higher risk of splatter from regular watering, so planning it’s beneficial to plan window maintenance around this.

What Business Are You In

While many factors come into play regarding cleaning windows, the type of business you operate is the essential deciding factor.

Health and Safety are crucial factors for the smooth operation of a business, and this looks different for each industry.

Every commercial business has standards, but the more stringent ones are in medical offices. Dental practices, family practices, and blood labs must receive regular cleaning to prevent the spread of diseases. Therefore, daily window cleaning is vital to keeping up with standards.

Food establishments must ensure that the food they serve is safe. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain hygiene standards, with a deep clean twice a week for most establishments.

Clothing retailers must be clean to show off the most recent fashions. Dirty windows give the impression of an unkempt store and will put people off coming in. Weekly window cleaning helps pedestrians on the street see in and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Window Cleaning Toronto: The RBC Clean Difference

Regular window cleaning may seem like a chore, and depending on the number of windows on your commercial property, it can be an overwhelming prospect. The more windows you have, the less likely you are to want to do it.

But while many people will say that once a year is good enough, by the time yearly cleaning comes around, your staff may have forgotten what the sun looks like.

Having an experienced cleaning company to take care of your windows can help your business stand out, look impressive and welcome people in. It's advisable to have your windows cleaned every few months, but some industries may require more frequent cleanings.

By taking into account your business's location, weather, industry, and the age of the building, you can create a schedule that ensures your windows are always clean and doing the work to promote your business.

Looking for the perfect company to make your windows sparkle? Look no further than RBC Clean.

Our team has years of experience and the proper training to ensure your windows look their best. We have the tools to clean windows at any height, so you can trust that your windows are in good hands.

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