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Why Use RBC Professional Cleaning Services?

Royal Building Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning services and custom solutions to meet the needs of businesses and residential consumers. Let us know what you need by giving us a call or filling out a contact form.

A sparkling clean fresh workplace is the best environment for you and your staff. Your people are healthier happier and more productive when Royal Building Cleaning is part of your team. At Royal Building Cleaning we have more than six decades of experience providing state-of-the-art cleaning technology and time proven techniques. There is no better service company in the GTA.

Quality control is very important to Royal Building Cleaning. We constantly monitor the servicing of our client’s premises with unscheduled inspections and by requiring written reports.

We listen to our customers with continuous communication with their on-site people. It is no accident that we have become one of the largest Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning companies in Ontario. We respond immediately to changing needs and client suggestions.

We provide janitorial expertise and no-charge consultation.

Our full-time, service professionals have the unparalleled skill set that you would expect from a company that has been in business more than 60 years. Our leadership position requires that we stay abreast of all new techniques and technology that affect our business. We deliver exactly the services that are needed, efficiently, effectively and within you budget.

The Facts About RBC’s Professional Cleaning Services:


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What is your experience in the cleaning industry?

Our company has provided cleaning services since 1956. Many of our cleaners have worked with our company for more than 10 years which shows ...

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