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Easy Cleaning Tips For Your Home’s Interior

February 26, 2015

Being put on house-cleaning duty isn’t always fun or exciting, but it still needs to be done. Unless you want your home to look like a pigsty, get ready to bust out the broomsticks and vacuums! What most people are busy dreading their cleanup, they don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time consuming. Believe it or not, there’s an art to cleaning that professional contractors follow which can dramatically reduce labor times without missing any key areas. When cleaning your own home, we encourage you to adopt the “clean smart, not hard” mindset. Your time is valuable! Instead of wasting it, change up your cleaning routine to be more officient. Trust us; it definitely pays…

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Tips To Safely Clean Hardwood Floors

February 5, 2015

Hardwood flooring is increasingly, and by all accounts will continue to be popular for years to come in the residential housing market. Sleek, stylish, and trendy, natural wood materials have long given carpeting a run for its money and are one of the simplest ways to increase your home’s resale value. But with natural materials like wood, what can you do to keep it protected while cleaning? Hung up on hardwood: flooring that never goes out of style With more products to choose from these days, some of which were once rare and unaffordable for most buyers, the allure of wood flooring is back in full force. It has been around for far longer than carpet, and is believed by…

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How Keeping Your Home Clean Prevents Health Risks

January 22, 2015

We spend the vast majority of our time within our homes. This means the environment plays an important role in our overall health. A clean house is both important to our mental and physical well-being. And by maintaining a clean home, you can actively protect your family against many potential health risks. Let’s look at the long-term health benefits of keeping a clean home. Reduced Allergens Regular cleaning of your home is the best way to remove allergens such as dust and pet dander. The simple act of sweeping and vacuuming a home can remove these contaminants that can cause flu-like symptoms. If you have children with asthma or persistent allergies, comprehensive cleaning can help alleviate their symptoms. Limit Mold…

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